The International Bomber Command Centre

The International Bomber Command Centre is based at Canwick Hill in Lincoln. It is a charity which in liaison with Lincoln University is providing a Visitor Centre and a memorial to all those in Bomber Command who died during World War Two. It is also compiling a digital archive and recording the memories of those veterans still alive for eventual release on the internet. The aim of the charity is to ensure that the memory of Bomber Command stays in all our memories. There are 55,373 reasons for doing so. I have joined the charity as an interviewer of veterans living in the south-west. I travelled up to very sunny Dorset yesterday to interview a 94 year old Lancaster Bomb Aimer. It was a privilege to listen as he told in unemotional language the story of his war. ‘We just had to get on with it,’ he said to me. No worries about tangled tapes on the modern tape recorder. Just make sure the SD card is inserted! Which reminds me I am five weeks and three days away from my ride in a Lancaster at East Kirkby!
Take a look at the website?

2 thoughts on “The International Bomber Command Centre”

  1. We have been visiting ad elderly neighbour,who has had to go into a care home,after a nasty fall,he was asking how things were going down at F.P.C., I told him about variuos events,and went on to talk to him about your “World War 2 ” concert,I then asked if he ws in the services during the war,he stated that he wasn’t as he was in a reserved occupation,he worked on the tugs in the dockyard,and then went on to tell me of some of the escapades he was involved in,I never realised,in fact never even thought about the ordinary people and thier help and involvement in the war effort.
    I wonder why these brave men and women are never mentioned.


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