2 thoughts on “BREXIT!!!”

  1. All old people who voted out should be ashamed of themselves.
    Well, ALL the people had a vote to decide what they thought best for the country, and as Rod pointed out, that’s democracy.


  2. Quite so. And most young people did not register, couldn’t be bothered or are
    still in bed! It is all very well the BBC rolling out fifteen year old eloquent schoolgirls who sound as though they have been commenting on politics for the past thirty years. The schoolgirl in question is undoubtedly the product of a private education and her like are as rare as hens teeth! I was in the hairdressers a year or two back. A pimply youth was in the chair. The barber asked if he had read the newspaper about a particular event. The youth’s reply will suffice for most young people between fifteen and twenty-five: “Read the newspaper!? I’m fifteen! I don’t read newspapers!!!”


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