First blog post

In April 2016 I published a book on Amazon Kindle. I had spent years off and on writing stories and sending them away. Somewhere in the loft I have my first rejection note from ‘Reveille’ magazine in 1967.Remember it? No, not a lot of people do! As any writer will tell you they write for a couple of months, then despair, then give up. A few months later or maybe a year or so(?) back we come to the notebook/keyboard and try again. Finally I despaired of ever being published as my seventieth year meanders past. So to the ebook I went.  Sold 14 copies in the first three weeks but now I am looking at other means of publicity and this is one of them. A sort of private Facebook I guess. My blog will not just be about literature. Comments on the news, sport, films, TV all welcome.

I will be having one feature item every now and then which I have named ‘Dimwitz Corner!’ Do you watch quiz shows? Now I admire people who have the nerve to go on these shows. Although it is apparent that an increasing number of dumb people are just on the show to be on the telly! An example of one classic answer: Pointless 2014. Name a Labour Prime Minister. Female contestant, fortyish, ‘David Cameron!’ Seriously. OK so you may not have the slightest interest in politics but you surely know which party is in power and who is Prime Minister? Another favourite was one man in his twenties placing the ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ as an event in World War One!  If you have any classics please let me know and I will enter them in ‘Dimwitz Corner!’

The book on Amazon Kindle? Should tell you as that is the main reason for being here! It is called ‘The Perfect Dinner Party and other Word Gatherings.’ A collection of my short stories and poems which I hope you will enjoy if you are kind enough to buy the book. The title story is based on  conversation that sometimes takes place in bars and pubs. If you could invite six people from history to your perfect dinner party, who would you invite? The story brings the idea to life. Those who have read the story speak well of it.

And so ends my first entry. Many thanks to my friend Donna Painter who suggested I write this. Donna lives in Truro but came up to Plymouth today and we took the opportunity to meet and have a chat. You can find out about Donna on her blog at:





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